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Hire Replacement Emergency Vehicles
Hire Replacement Emergency Vehicles
27 March 2020

At SVH, we have access to a fleet of fully equipped emergency response vehicles ready to utilise for when the police, ambulance or fire services need a replacement.

Our emergency services do an outstanding job for us, every single day and make use of their fully equipped specialist vehicles in order to head quickly to the scene when an accident has happened. When these vehicles are off the road, we are able to source replacement fire engines, ambulances and police cars in order to help these public services continue to operate effectively.

Whether you need additional response vehicles for an event, or to support your operational fleet at times where demand is on the rise, speak to SVH about how we can support you. 

How to Hire an Emergency Vehicle from Specialist Vehicle Hire

The easiest way to hire an emergency vehicle from SVH is to speak directly to our team and let them know your exact requirements. Generally, much of our work is with insurance companies who represent the public services and handle the process of looking for replacement emergency vehicles. Our team will get to work finding you a replacement and provide you with a quote based on the type of vehicle and how long the rental period will be.

Benefits of Renting an Emergency Vehicle from SVH

There can be no compromise on quality when it comes to emergency response vehicles, as safety is paramount. Luckily, our modern fleet is well maintained and ready to drive away as and when required. It can be difficult to source replacement emergency vehicles, as they are not the most obvious vehicle to hire, but as specialists in the industry, we pride ourselves on making them available.

Other benefits of hiring emergency vehicles from SVH include:

  • Modern and well-maintained vehicles
  • Flexible hire available – short or long term rentals
  • Range of vehicles available
  • Delivery options to bring the emergency vehicle to you
  • Cost-effective for covering vehicle shortfalls or additional work

Can I Hire a Fire Engine?

Firefighters and the fire service depend on their vehicles to attend emergencies. These vehicles are loaded with expensive and specialist equipment to help them carry out their work safely and effectively. Should there be an occasion when fire engines are off the road for routine maintenance or there is some additional workload to fulfil, speak to our team about fire engine hire.

What about Ambulance Hire?

Ambulances come in a variety of types from a standard ambulance, to rapid response vehicles, patient transportation and private ambulances. All of these are available to hire from SVH should you require additional vehicles to support your fleet at peak times, or when your vehicles are off the road for maintenance. We can provide vehicles for event hire too as well as support organisations such as St.Johns Ambulance.

Ambulances serve a number of purposes outside of the emergency movement of patients, with these utility vehicles suited to moving sick people from address to address, for organ transportation, taking Dialysis patients to regular appointments and for the transporting the elderly to and from nursing homes.  

Ambulance Hire UK

Private Ambulance Hire

The increasing use of Private Ambulances for patient transportation to appointments and the hospital for non-emergency appointments has increased the demand for this vehicle.

Police Car Hire

Our emergency response vehicle hire also extends to the police. Aside from blue light vehicles, we are able to supply security vehicles, dog transporters for police dogs and vehicles such as horseboxes.

Reliable Emergency Vehicle Rental Services

No matter your requirements, whether you are handling sourcing replacement emergency vehicles as an insurer or directly, we will be happy to assist. If you require a vehicle for carrying stretchers or equipment, medical devices and rescue equipment, or you need a 4x4 replacement rescue vehicle the SVH team can put the wheels in motion and source you a similar vehicle to ensure you can continue to provide a valuable frontline service. 


Feel free to contact one of our team about emergency vehicle hire, via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,

or by calling us on 023 9273 9911 and they'll happily discuss your requirements in further detail.